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Within the £499.00 this will include accommodation, club entry, and the entire event. You will only need money for food and drinks. Breakfast will be available on Sunday morning for you at your hotel (at no extra cost.)
During the Saturday day time you can wear whatever you like we recommend something comfortable as you will be seated at the seminar. In the evening we recommend shoes or boots to ensure club entry. As for garments during the evening please wear your normal outfits you would wear on a night out. Jeans, trousers, t-shirts, shirts, jumpers, blazers or jackets would all be fine.
After placing your deposit the remaining balance will be paid cash on arrival at your bootcamp.
Origins boot camp holds a maximum of 6 students. There will be at least 3 Live Dynamics instructors per bootcamp to make sure each student receives direct one on one coaching throughout the event
Our students, emails, names, and personal information are not shared. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside Live Dynamics. At Live Dynamics we are committed to ensuring your privacy and will never disclose your information outside the company.
Yes live dynamics are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals, a personal map to mastery will be sent to you 3 days after the bootcamp (if required). This map will be a break down on how your instructors thought you got along and a direct guide on the steps you may need for mastery. After attending a boot camp you will also have free invitation to Live Dynamics after party events throughout the year.

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