About Us

Live Dynamics consists of a uniquely skilled and carefully selected group of people dedicated to helping men become successful in meeting and attracting women.

For a man – having the ability to meet, attract and begin a relationship with a woman is undeniably one of the most important requirements in life, since our biological purpose is ultimately to pro create. It is also a condition of our happiness and well-being: “Behind every great man is a great woman”.

The expectation that the man must initiate the courtship process is a widespread social norm, and so learning the necessary steps to attract a woman is essential.

Considering this, there is surprisingly very little information on the subject of attraction in a practical aspect (most of which is useless). Hitch was a great movie, but it didn’t come with a ‘how to guide’.

Live Dynamics is a simple solution to learning the ‘art of seduction’ and building that connection with a woman, so that you have the power and peace of mind to never feel frustrated or lonely again.

Whether you want to have lots of beautiful women in your life, break free from an unsatisfactory relationship, or even get your ex-girlfriend back – Live Dynamics have the answer to helping you reach your full potential.

The main thing that stops a man achieving success with women is their own doubt and fear. It can be a lonely and frustrating road in the pursuit of finding a partner and a continuous battle against your own limiting beliefs and negative self-image, that do nothing other than hinder you. Mainstream media seems to depict that only the good looking and rich men get the beautiful, inspiring women that all men truly desire and so most of us become demoralised, suffer in silence, and trudge on to no avail…

The fact is most people are afraid to admit their lack of success and options they have in their ability to attract a woman or get a date. They have never even considered that success in dating is a skill that can be harnessed and feel that their future relationships are only in the hands of ‘fate’. Most people still buy FHM or Playboy magazine and only dream about having sex with the centrefold.

We’re here to liberate you from the prison that is your mind and give you solid evidence that any man can learn how to pick up beautiful, high quality women.

Live Dynamics is more than just a dating company, it’s an overhaul of oneself, a culture, a map to becoming the best you can be.

It’s time to build a new you and boost your confidence and self-insight to new levels. May many a beautiful relationship blossom from here on in… Welcome to Live Dynamics.